Application to Appropriate


1. Introduction
2. Point of Diversion
3. Nature of Use
4. Place of Use
5. Applicant Information
6. Explanatory
7. Print Documents and Final Instructions

Small Domestic Application to Appropriate Water

The information and forms that comprise this online application are divided into several steps.

  • This introduction step includes two subsequent pages that will provide information about local policies that may prevent application approval and details a few additional actions an applicant must perform after completing this online application.
  • Steps 2 through 6 require the information about the proposed diversion and use of water and the names and addresses of the proposed water right owners.
  • The print documents step allows a completed application to be generated with an accompanying map. These documents may then be submitted to the Division of Water Rights.

Note: This online application is designed only for small domestic filings where the application will not supplement other rights or applications.

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