This application helps chart trends in groundwater levels in Utah. Data has been collected and provided by United States Geologic Society (USGS). Get started by selecting an area of interest by zooming in on the map or choosing one of the following regions:

Areas in Utah

Chart mode:
  • Auto Mode: Update the charts each time the map is moved within the selected Region, automatically selecting the wells with more recent and numerous measurements.
  • Map Click Mode: Only add or remove a chart when you click on a well site on a map.
  • Combined Mode: Charts are automatically added, but you can override which ones are displayed by clicking on the map.
Number of auto charts (if y-axis scale is not fixed)
Filter sites and measurements
Minimum measurements to chart
Chart display:
x-axis interval (years)
y-axis interval (feet)
y-axis scale (pixels / 100 ft)
x-axis min (Year)
y-axis max (Year)
When a Region is selected, download data for Active, Inactive, or all USGS sites?